Brakes that stop the Nation

A quick guide to some elements of the RINGSPANN Brakes family

RINGSPANN is a one stop supplier of premium power transmission components for industrial drives. Industrial brakes from our product portfolio are highly reliable, offering intelligent braking solutions for energy-efficient stopping, control and holding systems in a variety of industries.

Typical application areas for RINGSPANN brakes are the turbine, ventilator and fan industries, machine tool construction, winch and winding technology, the wind power industry, general drive technology, conveyor and crane systems, lifting and handling systems, mining and construction machines, marine technology, recycling technology and metallurgy and many more.

Australia, October 2020. – RINGSPANN provides its customers with a technologically almost comprehensive range of brakes, which comprises all important functional and design types. In order to make it easier for designers and engineers to select the right brake, RINGSPANN have developed an online brake calculation tool that is free for all after registering on www.ringspann.com.au It covers five brake scenarios such as braking of rotating masses (shafts), carriages, hoists (vertical moving masses), inclined conveyors and vertical rails in lifts and hoists. This tool takes all important parameters into consideration; for example, mounting of the brake, brake disc form, friction block wear, ambient temperature and more. Finally the brake calculation program also enables the user to determine braking torque and clamping force on a specific brake disc diameter thus selecting a suitable brake for the application.

RINGSPANN pneumatic, hydraulic and electromagnetic brake calipers boast braking torques of up to 40,000Nm for general mechanical engineering applications. Our hydraulic brake calipers achieve higher braking torques of up to 600,000Nm for wind turbines and demanding mining applications. Some of the installations in drive technology and machine construction requiring smaller braking torques up to a maximum 8,000Nm are covered by our compact and lightweight electromagnetic disc brakes.

The brake calipers from RINGSPANN’S new series DT … FEA … H-ST are much slimmer in design than conventional industrial drum brakes. The key reason for this is a constructional variation that saves an enormous amount of space. Unlike the conventional drum brakes from our competitors where the thruster is located laterally for brake jaw release, RINGSPANN electrohydraulic system with its integrated throttle valve and optional lever mechanism for manual operation are rotated 90° and repositioned vertically above.

Conveyor applications in mining industry require controlled braking. Our Brake Control System BCS600 offer reliable controlled braking with pre-set braking distance, deceleration and time.

Our open design brakes offer constructional freedom and excellent ventilation characteristics for ideal heat dissipation. Further our compact design features require minimal installation space and relatively lower mass moment of inertia reduces the cycle time and energy consumption.

The electromagnetic disc brakes from RINGSPANN rank among the essential components of countless drive systems in mechanical engineering and plant construction. RINGSPANN’s electromagnetic disc brakes from its DH and DV series as well as EV and EH series are well received globally for various braking applications. They can be deployed for stopping, control and holding and cover a wide application spectrum with braking torques ranging from 94 to 6,590 Nm. These compact industrial brakes come with German certification and are ideal for the Australian market. RINGSPANN’s electromagnetic disc brakes feature new magnets and electronics to achieve the quality and performance standards required for these devices and are the preferred choice for our Australian customers when requiring quality braking solutions for complex applications.

RINGSPANN’s electromagnetic disc brakes cover a very large application spectrum in mechanical engineering and plant construction. They are effective because of their space-saving design and are a low-maintenance alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic brake systems. Typical areas of deployment for these electrical brakes are for example the turbine, ventilator and fan industries, machine tool construction, winch and winding technology, wind power technology and general drive technology. The (emergency) stop function brings rotating shafts to a standstill within seconds, as a control unit they enable the controlled adherence or delay of defined forces, and as a holding system they prevent the unintended start-up of rotating components.

The electromagnetic RINGSPANN disc brakes can be installed in any position and can also be operated in synchronised groups. A remarkable technical feature of RINGSPANN’s EV and EH brakes is that they have an extremely low power consumption for the entire holding phase. The smaller sizes only require 10 watts for example and with such excellent performance figures, RINGSPANN is setting international standards and making a tangible contribution towards creating energy-efficient drive solutions.

Today, the RINGSPANN Group have nine manufacturing plants located in four continents. The success of our products in the mechanical power transmission space is a testimony of company’s market leadership on a global scale. We pride ourselves in offering a one-stop solution for high-quality components in industrial drive engineering. For all your brake requirements, please contact RINGSPANN Australia’s technical team to assist with your application requirements on info@ringspann.com.au or 03 9069 0566.

Selection from the RINGSPANN brake range
Selection from the RINGSPANN brake range (Image:RINGSPANN)
RINGSPANN Drum Brakes in use on a Gear Drive application. (Image:RINGSPANN)
Brake Control System BCS600
The Control System BCS 600 from RINGSPANN is a brake controlsystem for hydraulically released or hydraulically activated brakes, based on adjustable hydraulic pressure. (Image:RINGSPANN)
electromagnetic disc brakes from RINGSPANN
The electromagnetic disc brakes from RINGSPANN - indispensable components of countless drive systems in mechanical engineering and plant construction. (Image:RINGSPANN)
Electrical measurements on an electromagnetic disc brake from RINGSPANN
Electrical measurements on an electromagnetic disc brake in the test field of RINGSPANN. (Image:RINGSPANN)
Electromagnetic brakes EV/EH from RINGSPANN
Electromagnetic brakes EV/EH from RINGSPANN (Image:RINGSPANN)