Mechanical SIKUMAT® Proximity Switch

  • Grenztaster-mechanisch
  • SIKUMAT® Proximity Switches

    It is possible with SIKUMAT® Torque Limiters to utilise the axial movement during an overload occurrence to actuate a proximity switch so that when the preset limit torque is exceeded, the drive can be switched off electrically and/or a signal can be triggered.

    Switching off the drive in case of overload is essential for all ratcheting type SIKUMAT® Torque Limiters in order to prevent ratcheting over prolonged periods and possible wear.

    The engagement travel of the SIKUMAT® Torque Limiters can be found in the respective tables.

    The arm of the proximity switch should be positioned at a distance of 0,1 mm to the contact surface of the torque limiter.

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